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Claudia felt very attracted to authentic inspired wellness brands which focussed on natural ingredients and age old healing and beauty rituals. The idea of just treating the skin was never enough as Claudia always believed the state of inner calm creates a more balanced outer exterior. Today, many people look to the Asian lifestyle to seek ways of how to calm the mind and body. Such therapies include Yoga or meditation which comes from Ayurvedic knowledge.

Claudia always felt a strong energetic connection to the natural world and started practising meditation as a way to calm a hectic mind. Following the great results of meditation, Claudia went on to further enhance her knowledge of additional therapies. It was then that she discovered Pranic Healing – by Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder.  In brief, this healing system uses Prana energy to help heal the bio-plasmic or aura field of the body.  Claudia is now a fully qualified Pranic Healer and has helped a number of people. This powerful knowledge has further fuelled Claudia’s passion to change the planetary belief system by highlighting a message about balance, wellness and heart-centered consciousness. Once we have reconnected to our inner being and have let go of all old data that harms our bodies, we can reach a place of peace, love and harmony = wellness. Claudia’s quest is to empower people’s well-being and to bring closer the world of spa wellness and energy therapies.

Claudia has also created and developed a one day programme called IAMPowerful, teaching people tools and techniques to help let go of old emotional baggage to encourage a more balanced, harmonious and happy life. This one day programme will be used as part of an effective solution driven inner care wellness package offered in spas and wellness resorts. For more information go to

When you work following your highest joy and passion you ultimately attract all that is aligned. If you hold a dream close to your heart that wish will eventually come true. That wish is to empower one’s well-being through balance, wellness and heart centered-consciousness.

Claudia Agha, Founder & Creator of Satya Life Ltd.