Ytsara Skincare

Infused with Asian wisdom, empowered by French science

Formulated With Living Water

Depending on our age 60% to 80% of our body is made of water and in general, 60%-80% of skincare product is also made of water.

In the skincare industry, the purity of the ingredients added to a formula is considered to be a very important aspect. But the quality of water used, and its energy level is seldom mentioned.

Commonly Reversed Osmosis water, generally used in skincare, is filtered and boiled to provide sterilised water. However although this water is chemically ‘clean’, it does not mean that it is ‘alive’ and will benefit the skin.

Through the sterilisation and filtration process, the molecular structure of water becomes distorted; it is no longer at its natural state. Furthermore, it holds onto the memory of the chemicals it has been treated with.

Living water is restored and re-energised back to its natural molecular structure. It has a balanced pH, is free of memory and is rich with life force energy. This high quality water helps the skin to reach maximum levels of hydration and delivers active ingredients deep into the skin at a cellular level.

Training the Skin

Ytsara skincare tackles the biggest modern day concern that affects us all; pollution.

Elixir Originel TM

Optimizes skin auto defence functions against environmental aggressors

Reactivates skin’s innate capacity renew

Maintains skin quality

Preserves youth capital

Pollution is the biggest cause of stress on the skin and weakens the skin’s natural barrier. With a weak barrier, water is able to escape and the skin is unable to effectively protect itself from external aggressors. The results of this lead to premature aging, dehydration, sallow skin, outbreaks, dryness etc.

At the core of each Ytsara formulation lies a system to protect the inner skin beauty resources by helping to fight physiological and environmental aggressors.

Ytsara Bodycare

Made with rare botanicals, sustainably selected for their transformative powers

Highly efficient home spa products paired with pleasurable routines to assist with and keep up with the pace of modern life.