In 2003 we brought to the UK the Ytsara hot poultice massage, based on a remedy to restore aches and pains which dated back to the 14th century. Whilst we continue to offer this very popular and effective massage technique, we are now bringing to the UK another ancient Thai treatment. This technique is taught in Northern Thailand by sacred word with no written information and is passed on through family generations. The Ytsara trainers have travelled to Northern Thailand (Lanna) to receive this sacred training delivered by one of the elders.

Tok Sen Massage

‘Tok’ means to strike whilst ‘Sen’ refers to the meridian (energy) lines of the body. This is a treatment working on therapeutic vibrational therapy which works deep into the muscle. The body’s lines are tapped with a special tool made from the tamarind tree helping to clear blocked energy and offering instant muscle ease results. Tok Sen is part of the Ytsara deep pressure massage collection.

Hot Poultice Massage

The Ytsara collection of hot poultice body treatments have been enhanced by using additional techniques as part of the treatment. As part of our luxury facial, we are launching a new Silk Face Poultice, ensuring a softer more luxurious face experience.

Warm Bamboo Massage

Ytsara has chosen to work with warm bamboo sticks to give a more therapeutic effect. The bamboo massage has been designed to work on breaking down fatty deposits; minimising the appearance of cellulite whilst also providing lifting effects on the body by working on certain muscles. The result is a deep massage with contouring results.

Jade Stone Facials

Jade stone is rich in calcium, magnesium and sodium. The Jade massage has been practiced by the Chinese for more than 25 centuries. It is acknowledged for creating positive energy and its ability to remedy aesthetic problems. The method helps to soothe and drain and has a lifting effect on the face.

Thai Reflexology

There are 15,000 nerve ending on your feet which constitute a mini-map of your whole body. Skilled pressure applied on this mini-map encourages the body to heal from within. Use of a steamed, medicinal poultice along with a soothing foot soak and wrap further help to enhance the body’s renewal process. Headaches, stress, anxiety and insomnia are gone.