Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a speciality skin care range for cancer patients. It has been developed by experts, cancer survivors, cancer patients and medical staff with the very special skin care requirements of those going through treatment for cancer in mind. You told us that you needed skin care for cancer patients, that it was difficult to buy gifts for chemo patients and skin care gifts for cancer patients.

Following cancer treatment, regular skin care products can irritate the skin, and in some cases make skin symptoms from the cancer treatment much worse. It’s therefore important to select the right product for any skin treatment. Regular skin care and beauty products may include alcohol and perfumes which can irritate the skin further. Specially formulated skin care products will not use such ingredients that can  irritate, but are specially formulated to soothe sore, dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

Defiant Beauty products contain very few ingredients and, except in two cases, are fragrance-free.

Created By Cancer Patients
‘Chemo skin’ is a skin condition that sometimes results from chemotherapy treatment. Skin becomes dry, sore, sensitive and itchy. Cancer patients wanted skin care products that they could trust and that would soothe and moisturise their sore and itchy skin. Our skin care products for cancer patients are formulated specifically for chemo skin and skin damaged by radiation treatment. Defiant Beauty for Jennifer Young was not only created for cancer patients, it was created BY cancer patients.

Our Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young Collection is a wonderful gift for you or as a skin care gift for a cancer patient.