Why Jennifer Young aligns with our core values …

At Satya Life, we understand that delivering a ‘beneficial’ spa treatment is beyond a massage or cream. We believe that the core essence of ‘spa’ is wellness and if there is knowledge more revolutionary that can truly assist on a deeper level of wellness, then we are first to do it. Jennifer Young aligns with our core values for being powerfully kind and beneficial for one’s wellbeing and especially for those who have undergone serious medical care. Those who have been affected by cancer will have two options of where to receive nurturing and nourishing therapies. Either from the NHS or from a spa. Therefore, we see the absolute necessity that people within the industry have a duty of care to ensure that those seeking a treatment receive the best attention, the best treatment AND the best products to nourish and soothe their soul and treat their skin. Jennifer Young’s products are 100% natural and organic with memorable aromas as well as giving a meaningful experience when used in a treatment. When spas work with the Jennifer Young brand, they can feel assured that their spa guests are receiving some of the best cancer care treatments in the UK.

After using Defiant Beauty, clients living with or beyond cancer told us:

59% feel ‘as good as they could’
97% said their well-being improved
78% of skin conditions improved

Independent survey