As Unique as You

Welcome those affected by cancer to your spa. Effective, luxurious and indulgent skincare developed for cancer patients, perfect for delicate skin.

95% of those asked felt that there was inadequate well-being provision
for those affected by cancer in their local area.

Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty was formulated as a result of a collaborative project with an NHS cancer centre. The creative team included patients, ex-patients, lead chemotherapy nurses and radiation specialists.

Jennifer Young the creator, has a BSc (Hons) in Biology and is an experienced Micro-biologist, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, a qualified Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist and Product Formulator. She has two post-graduate qualifications in health related fields, has been accepted by the Courts as an expert witness for occupational health cases and has been active in medical research.Jennifer uses her nutritional knowledge as well as her work with the NHS, private healthcare providers and other stakeholders, to inform her skincare formulations. Jennifer’s expert comments are often seen in National Newspapers and magazines.

Jennifer’s book ‘Recognise Yourself’ was published in September 2015. The guide to beauty, hair, style and well-being for cancer patients is the most comprehensive ever published.

The Jennifer Young Training School was the first in the UK to offer accredited post-graduate diplomas in Oncology Therapies. The accredited training is the most comprehensive and in-depth available.