This month Natural Health Magazine have featured Ytsara’s Skin Drink Fluid as part of their anti-aging plan. So here’s a little more detail about our newest skin saviour….

Ytsara’s NEW Skin Drink Fluid is fast becoming a daily skin essential. Dehydrated, dry, sensitive and even oily skin can be a result of a weak skin barrier function as the skin is unable to protect itself form external aggressors and water easily escapes through the skin. Working on restoring the skin’s natural barrier, Skin Drink Fluid helps prevent water loss and protects against pollution. This daily moisturiser is ideal for all skin types including sensitive.

Plankton Extract is the active ingredient and has been clinically proven to increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture by 66% in 28 days. 

Hyaluronic Acid helps to increase the skin’s inner moisture levels and keep skin cells plump, whilst antioxidant rich Sacred Lotus helps to prevent cell damage.

Ytsara skincare is formulated with Living Water which is water that has been scientifically restructured back to its natural form so that it is free of heavy metals and chemicals. This means the skin is hydrated far more effectively (at a cellular level) and active ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin.

Skin Drink Fluid can be applied both morning and evening for a round the clock moisturising effect.

For city livers, dehydrated, sensitive and dry skin, apply after using Ytsara’s Urban Shield Serum.

For combination or oily skin, apply after using Ytsara’s Absolute Control Serum.

RRP £39.00 (50ml)

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