Satya means ‘truth’ in Sanskrit, a powerful word encompassing all that Claudia Agha believes in. It refers to being truthful in one’s words, thoughts and actions. This has three important meanings which are the core essence of the company:

Truth 1

Kind and beneficial

We believe all the brands that we have sourced and launched in the UK, are powerfully kind and beneficial for one’s well-being. Natural ingredients coupled with traditional and ancient healing and beauty rituals that are deliberate and meaningful. Time tested formulas that date back to 5000 years ago when all one knew was the cycle of nature and the energy harnessed in naturally grown plants. Our choice of brands is aligned to our beliefs and that is ‘to empower one’s well-being’.

Truth 2

Integrity and honesty

All our thoughts and actions are based on how we can further support our clients, develop their business and bring great wellness results for each spa guest. We work with integrity and honesty. This is integral to ensure that Satya Life is fully aligned with Claudia’s belief. There is no other way.

Truth 3

Forward Thinking

Quite simply and effortlessly, we seek spas who believe in their vision and the imperative need to improve their guest’s well-being. Those who are not afraid to go beyond the normal boundaries of ‘spa’. Those who wish to break the mould, be forward thinking, inspirational and be the best at WELLNESS IMPROVEMENT.

Spas who want to eagerly try and deliver a ‘beneficial’ spa treatment, an understanding that is beyond a massage or cream. They believe that the core essence of ‘spa’ is wellness and if there is knowledge more revolutionary that can truly assist on a deeper level of wellness, then they are the first in the queue to do it.

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