To ensure safety, support and comfort for our clients and your beauty guests, we are pleased to offer you a selection of PPE equipment and sanitisers that are available and in stock.

All items are competitively priced.


Ilona Hand Sanitiser

  • No contact with hands

  • Adapts to all bottles

  • 100% mechanical
  • No installation required

  • Durable and robust

Pedal activated sanitiser dispenser
Made in the UK, this stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical.
Pedal command avoids hand cross contamination.
Ilona’s patented design doesn’t require installation; it’s stable on it’s own, vandal proof and compatible with and standard push-top bottle.
It can also be fixed to the ground.

Technical Characteristics

Brushed stainless steel
Height: 1000mm
Diameter: 114mm
Foot diameter: 330mm
Adaptable to any bottle with a push-top, with a maximum diameter of 100mm and maximum height of 300mm

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