Little Butterfly London ”Scent of Seas” – Toning Body Serum | 150ml

Little Butterfly London ”Scent of Seas” – Toning Body Serum | 150ml



The secret of streamlined body contours and beautifully toned skin.

Fuelled with powerful botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals, this high-performance serum assists in restoring elasticity and returns bounce to over-stretched or slack skin, whilst leaving a feeling of instant lightness. Potent poppy seed extracts stimulates the breakdown of fat to help combat cellulite and uneven skin tone, whilst manilkara leaf extracts plumps and boosts firmness. Mineral-bursting Irish moss extracts and sea algae revitalise and stimulating green and black coffee extracts encourage skin resilience, invigorate and tone.

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•  Helps protect from / tightens and tones crepey post-pregnancy skin
•  Encourages fat metabolism, stimulates and invigorates
•  Awakens, plumps and renews the skin
•  Improves skin texture and accelerates cell recovery

Usage Directions

Massage a small amount twice daily to belly, thighs, hips and arms or wherever desired. During and after pregnancy, best used under and in combination with our cocoon of bliss stretch mark butter.

Key Ingredients

RonaCare® Poppy SE — scientifically proven skin-firming active made from seeds of the poppy plant; inhibits build-up and activates break-down of fat making skin look firmer and more even.

Elestan™ — a powerful extract from the leaves of Manilkara, which protects skin’s elastic fibre network and stimulates elastin production to repair damaged tissues.

Sea Algae Extract — strengthens skin tissue and helps cell generation.

Irish Moss Powder — supplies skin with vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, K and minerals; helps to maintain moisture balance.

Menthol — uplifting and refreshing – it also cools, tightens and soothes.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice — contains vitamins A, B, C and E, choline and folic acid and minerals important in skin renewal and collagen regeneration.

Oat Meal Extract — rich in phospholipids, natural moisturisers and antioxidants it calms dry and itchy skin.

Arabica and Green Coffee Extract — anti-oxidant it also tightens, firms, smoothes and brightens the skin.

Rooibos Extract — has anti-inflammatory, protective, healing and soothing properties.

Arnica Flower Extract — reduces cell inflammation and enhances circulation.

Meadowsweet Leaf Extract — very soothing as it helps with rashes and irritation due to its anti-inflammatory, tightening, toning and astringent properties. 

Sweet Almond Seed Oil — rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc it
moisturises, protects and helps repair the skin.

Vitamin E — protects the skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation; Containing powerful anti-inflammatory action, which is a leading cause of skin ageing.


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